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Peter Carbonaro (Owner & Mighty All-Father)

881969_10151719805226430_630342073_oOriginally part of a secret government project… and I’m sure you already know the rest of this story. He was raised in a barn, by wolves, until the age of 27, where he underwent a life-altering transformation into a beautiful butterfly. Although literate, he reads comics because he likes the pretty pictures. Obviously, Wolverine is his favorite character. Pete is also the current Champion of Capua and reigning God of the Arena Who Brings Glorious Death to All Who Oppose Him.


Ivan Plaza (Marketing Director, Events & Social Media)

meBorn in the Caribbean and raised in the planet known as Telemundo. We decided to make this bilingual creature part of our staff. He possess the uncanny ability to convince people to do things they didn’t want in the first place! We immediately knew we needed this alien in our team. He might have convinced us to think we actually needed him, he’s that good! Beware, he also changes his name every two weeks.


Luis Rivera (Signature Service & Online Sales)

Not much is known about this stalwart defender of Twinkies. What is known, however, is his voracious, unending appetite. I mean, seriously, maybe eating is his super-power. In his velcro-like hands, entire armies of food have been claimed for no other man than himself. In his super-tornado of a mouth, entire villages food supplies have vanished. Y’know what? Now that we’re thinking about it, he’s more of a villain. Ah, well. So it goes…


Michael Castendyk (Director of Internet Sales)

Pete has taken Mike under his wing as his Internet Sales Padawan. Although a happy outgoing guy, Mike’s obsession with The Walking Dead has taken him down to a dark path. In his off time, he is secretly working on a formula that will turn mankind into flesh eating zombies that will first target everyone who loves Christopher Nolan’s version of The Joker. Then, he will enslave and force all surviving women to wear Harley Quinn outfits for his viewing pleasure.


Megan Huffman (Head Cashier & Customer Service)

Our head cashier and Dirty Old Man in training. A small town girl who came to the big city of Tampa to pursue her dreams of being a psychiatrist for the criminally insane. She then met the laughing prince of her dreams Mike. Together they have a daughter named Hailee who they are raising to be a superior nerd who will rise high in the ranks of the comic world. Megan loves the Grimm Fairy Tale Universe so feel free to stop in and test her knowledge.


Aaron Aostri (Cashier, Customer Service & Viking)

aaronHe’s been part of the Heroes Haven Comics family for several years providing security with his powerful viking like beard to those in need every time we do an event. Now he’s a master blacksmith of our comic book pressing service! This man has no fear, feels no pain and has a talking beard. Seriously, if you see him talking by himself, his beard (named “Bjorn”) might be delivering an important message from the Norse gods for his next assignment in Midgard.


Gary Bernard (Manager of Shipping & Receiving)

He may have a tough exterior but he is all cotton candy and unicorns on the inside. We recently found Gary living on the side of mountain. He was a beastly ungroomed wild man on the run from Turkish hunters who claimed his head for a trophy. We took him in and tried our best to clean him up. He now lives in the warehouse and is currently training to be a 16th level ranger.


Kevin Rios (Online Sales & Customer Service)

Kevin is our latest acquisition. He’s our new goblin keeper and seeker of special comic book requests in our warehouse. Kevin was one of the best bargains we’ve ever had when hiring people jumping out of a pickup truck at Home Depot. No wonder he’s one of the hardest working employees to ever step foot here! Not only he scans and grades most of our comic books for our online inventory, but he even manages to keep this place spotless… until there’s no more lemon pledge.